Wednesday, April 1, 2009

hello old friend

so justin is giving me grief about updating this even though HE CAN UPDATE IT TOOO. actually all of the members of the band can update this, but they either dont know this or quickly forgot after i told them. i like to write, but i have to be in the mood to do so or atleast there has to be something worth writing about. neither has really happened for me even though i havent really been doing much of anything seeing as how ive been unemployed for the past month, whoo!

anyway, enough about me since this isnt a blog about me

the band has been up to a lot since my last post. we went on a six day tour, three of which were with suis la lune out of sweden, a band that we all love and admire and one that you should listen to ASAP if you havent heard of them already. the tour was so much fun. it was weird not having oedipus. around but we got in some quality band time and hung out with some friends along the way. we also met a lot of really great people this time out. each show was different and we seemed to have gotten a really positive response from the crowds at each along with some of the bands we played with. we all really wanted it to last longer and are looking forward to tour again in the summer.

right before our first show in philly we picked up our ALBUM! it is finally finished and available for sale on our myspace and at shows. since we've been back we have gotten a lot of great feedback from the album all of which has been completely flattering. we started this band with very humble and small expectations and it has grown into something bigger than i think we all originally anticipated it to be.

we played two garage shows the weekend we got back so we didnt really have a whole lot of time to unwind. we took a week off after that and came back together for practice yesterday.

as it stands now, we still have quite a bit going on. we finished writing our tenth song, "from the top of my heart", right before tour and have been playing it ever since. we are really happy with the direction that this song has taken us and look forward to writing more.

next monday, april 6th, we have a show at the sidebar with the blue letter from richmond, virgina along with our good friends in the bands octaves and recently reformed all the oceans.

we're almost sold out of the first pressing of "open up finders, please" and are awaiting the next pressing as we speak. our friend robbie recently started a tape label, tall cedar tapes, and is working with us to release the album on tape which we should be receiving soon as well.

as far as the future goes...we're probably going to take a break from shows and focus on writing. we all feel like this is the next obvious step for us and are so motivated from the response of our first release to focus our energies on writing our next release.

just like pretty much every band nationwide, we will be hitting the road this summer on a two part tour: 10 days in both july and aug. dates havent been confirmed yet and we're still planning our route but if you think you could help us out with a show drop us an email at

i think i pretty much covered everything i wanted to...oh, we're also working on new merch and a website

bye for now

Monday, February 2, 2009

who's got da keys to da van, meng?


so it turns out that updating this thing ranks pretty low on my list of priorites. but it's on the list nevertheless so here i am UPDATING. january was a pretty slow month for us. at the beginning of the month (and year) we embarked on a four day tour with our friends in oedipus. down to NC and back up. it was a great four days full of complete mayhem. we met some really great people along the way (HUGE thanks to alex, jeff, and ted who all set up shows for us). we came back from the weekend kind of burned out and hating each other, but we soon got back to our feet and started loving each other again. i think some of our other bands were a little more active in january which is why we didnt do much. justin and jon's band sawhorse played a weekend full of shows in support of their recently released album. in addition, jer has been beefing it up in a couple of side projects, one of which where he plays DRUMS?!?!! wild right? and there has been a new reincarnation of justin and tommy's old band batcomputer, they are now practicing as batcompressor, hopefully with more whiny songs about girls.

so we have been busy, well i guess everyone except for me...i havent been doing anything at all. we've also been working really hard with our engineer mike on our album. this has definitely been a process, but we're hoping that we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. if all goes according to plan, the album will be sent to mastering this week and HOPEFULLY to pressing next week and in 10-15 days from then, VIOLA we'll finally have an album. in the meantime, there will be another opportunity to preorder the album for a CHEAP price from our label 229 Records very soon for those of you who were unable to do so with our preorder.

in addition to all of this, we have been working hard on new material. we are about 70% finished with a new song that we hope to be adding into our setlist rotation really soon. if i remember, im hoping to bring a camera to practice so that you guys can get a listen in on what we're doing.

as far as shows go...we have a couple in feb that will definitely be worth coming out to. THIS SUNDAY we are playing at the ottobar with a bunch of other great bands for a whole day of music mini fest. do your best to make it out!

in march, we're already lining up some dates to fill in around our shows with SUIS LA LUNE from sweden. we still need help on two of those days so if you're in those areas, PLEASE HELP US. message us at

march 11 - the model home (philly, pa) w/ suis la lune
march 13 - darfur benefit (somerset, nj)
march 15 - 6862 house (mays landing, nj) w/ suis la lune
march 16 - the talking head club (baltimore, md) w/ suis la lune

that's about all i got for now, take care!

Monday, December 29, 2008

update dates for this weekend

*all dates w/ Oedipus.


*more information can be found on our myspace


hey guys

sorry for the lack of updates on this thing. we (i) still havent really decided how we're going to use this as far as updates with the band goes, but i know that there are a few things that some people are probably wondering about as far as our band is concerned. so i figured i'd throw some light on some subjects.

when is the album coming out?

probably our most asked question. to tell you guys the truth, it's a pretty well asked question from us too. at the moment we have finished recording all nine tracks that will appear on the album. we have also completed all of the artwork for the album. right now we are working with our producer/label owner/ex-member/friend/lover mike york on getting each track sounding the way that we intended each of them to sound. it has turned into a long, educational, and rewarding process. because of various time constraints and decisions, the release of the album has taken a little longer than all of us originally anticipated. we definitely want to stress that this is because we are trying to get the best product out of our recording and are working hard with mike before we send the tracks out for mastering. we're working on setting a booking a date for our release show and mike/229 records are working out the details of the album presale. when details for both are finalize we'll definitely announce it.

when are you guys touring?

at the moment we have a weekend tour of VA an NC coming up this weekend with our friends in oedipus. everyone in both bands are really excited for this and we're looking forward to bringing our music to new audiences, meeting some new people, and hearing from some new bands. in march, we have some out of town dates with sweden's screamo sweethearts suis la lune. as of yet, we only have two dates with suis, but are contemplating the idea of building a weekend tour around those dates. other than that, there is talk amongst us of a week long tour this summer along with several weekend tours here and there.

ha, i guess those are really the only two questions i can think of. we definitely want to thank everyone who has supported us throughout our first year as a band and we look forward to everything that is in store for us in 09.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


so we are diligently working to book the shows for our brief tour in the beginning of January. there are tons of bands looking to tour during the break so be sure to go out and support the scene and touring bands and whatnot. we have all of our dates booked except for one, so if you can PLEASE HELP US!


all dates with OEDIPUS.


we cant wait to see you guys!

Monday, November 3, 2008


we are just about out of our current design and are looking to order more shirts asap. the only problem is that we dont have a design...we're asking for help from anyone who would like to put the time into making a design for us. if we choose your design, we'll send you a copy of the finished product as a thank you.

please send all designs attached to an email to

Saturday, November 1, 2008

late with the updates

hey guys

sorry there havent been too many updates recently. im really the only one who posts right now and ive been really busy with work and what not and band things had to take a bit of a break on the back burner. but as always, a really good show will put me back in the mood to get on top of things. last night we played a halloween show with a bunch of local bands in addition to war of ages and advent. the show was really good. there were tons of kids out and we had the pleasure to playing to a room full of listeners. all in all, we feel like we were received really well and made some new fans which equals a success for us. for now we dont have any shows booked for a couple of months, but im hoping to work on that pretty soon. im really hoping that we can do either a weekend away or day out of state this month or next. if anyone in PA, VA, DE, or NY has anything happening soon let us know!

also we got these in the mail yesterday:

if you read this, you'll recognize this slogan. to explain, "i dont care if the world ends tomorrow..." was something that jon said at a show we were playing. tommy was really obsessed at the time with the hadron collider and it's either matter making or world ending capabilities. it was possible that this thing could have created a black hole and ended the world all together. jon, with his infinite wisdom remarked "i dont care if the world ends tomorrow, as long as i dont have to go to school." it just happened to be one of those things that gets said and repeated and laughed about later on. i thought that it was really funny out of context and kind of relevant in the context of the band and it's name so it kinda stuck, with me atleast. so our merch table is a little less bare now. be sure to pick one up for FREE next time you see us and stick it on your guitar case, skateboard, mom's car, school locker, stop sign, etc.

something else that you guys will be stoked to hear is that we have finished tracking everything except for vocals for the new album! i was only able to make it to tommy and jon's sessions but from what i hear everything sounds really great. we should be recording vocals sometime this week. all in all, we're working on having this out before the end of the year so be on the look out!


while i was editing this post, i got a message from justin saying that we just got added onto a show with SUIS LA LUNE! hopefully all of you know about this band and can understand how excited we are for this show. if you dont...suis la lune is a screamo band out of stockholm, sweden. currently they are the only band in our top friends who we havent played with (not for much longer!). this band has had a huge influence on a16 (especially in the beginning) mostly just from being a few of our's favorite bands. if you truly enjoy good screamo music, visit their website and listen to some of their songs off their album "quiet, pull the strings." when i first heard this it was after a history of unexposure to actual good screamo music. there's so much i can say about this album, but you just have to listen to it for yourself to figure it out. either way, this is big news! the show is going to be with the AMAZING dudes in ezra joyce (a screamo two piece whom we have had the pleasure to play with a couple of times) in their hometown of mays landing, new jersey. wow, a powerhouse european screamo band is going to be playing a HOUSE SHOW in new jersey of all places. ezra joyce rules and so does their house and so will this show so be sure to start making plans now on how you're going to road trip it out there to see it.

seriously...dont sleep on this!